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    Pay Per Head

    As bettors across the USA rake in millions of dollars in per head wgaers this weekend , many bookmakers taking their action will turn a virtual corner of the Internet: Websites that essentially functions as a bookmaker version of Quicken financial software.

    The basic configuration is simple: instead of taking a phone call from each bettor, the bookie refers clients to a website , where bets can be recorded, tracked and totaled. The licensee may be able to log in and see who is - or is due - money during the coming week.

    It is an organized pay per head service. It is civilized . It is user friendly, for both the lessee and the gambler. It is also a radical break with the notion of entrenchment bookmakers operating from basements or back office with piles of son telephone line, drop safes and handwritten accounts.

    "There will always be a huge market for local pay per head bookies because they are the ones who let the players bet with credit , with money they do not have to produce, " Steve Budin , a software expert who formerly operated an online sports book, said. "People do not want to give their credit card or send money abroad somewhere. They like dealing with real people and real money . These sites just make a whole lot easier for bookmakers their service. "

    Bookmakers who use the sites pay the companies that operate a small fee per client, which is why sites are collectively known as pay-per-head sites. The most significant difference between the per capita wage and websites online offshore sports books - which have been the targets of federal law enforcement in recent years - is that pay per head sites to handle any bet money , they simply provide the players a place to record their bets and bookmakers records to organize.

    The regulations in place - and the threat that occasionally happens with that for those who try to avoid paying - is always carried out locally.

    The services offered by the sites , however, are well worth the costs by about $20 per head , bookmakers say. In the so-called good old days, the general business setup for a bookmaker was a split partnership , in which the operator would work in the office taking money paris and the guy was in the streets, manipulation finance. Profits were generally split 50-50.


    "[JMU] NETS•T certification has been the most valuable professional development experience of my career.

    Kelly Lineweaver, Manager Shenandoah Valley Technology Consortium

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